Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween and our Visitor's Arrive

I'm a slacker - here are pictures and a quick update from over 2 weeks ago. Mia and Papa arrived for a 2 week visit on the 30th so I haven't taken much time to sort and share pictures. After the excitement of the arrival of Mia and Papa, a Halloween party, birthday party, and trick-or-treating were the highlight of the week for the boys.

Jacob decided he wanted to be a tiger this year . He's always loved animals, but I think he wanted to "match" Luke and his animal themed costume (a lion) Thankfully, it was cool on Halloween night so the boys could wear their costumes and not melt.

Jacob definitely understood the concept of trick-or-treating and was very excited to go house to house. Luke wasn't sure what was happening at first, but very willingly followed Jacob up to every house and watched carefully as the people put candy in his pumpkin. He clutched that pumpkin and wouldn't let go for anything. The last couple of houses were really funny as Luke held out his hand to get the candy and then put it in his pumpkin himself. He definitely understood then.

As far as everyday happenings, naps are the big challenge around here. Jacob still needs a nap everyday, but fights them some days and generally doesn't take one on school days, unless he falls asleep watching tv during quiet time or in the car.

Luke has been waking super early for the last 6 weeks so his napping schedule is a mess too. We moved to 1 nap for a week or two (which helped immensely with the crying for long stretches before naps and bedtime), but lately we are back to taking 2 naps a day because he's so tired by 9:30-10am. If I do get him to take just one nap, it is generally a 3 hour one, so there is hope.

Here are the pictures from the week of Oct.26-Nov.1