Monday, March 31, 2008

20 months - week 1 - Mommy! Mommy!

Easter was a lot of fun with Jacob this year. He loved the goodies from the Easter Bunny and he had a great time hunting for eggs (3 times in one week - lucky boy). He also got a much needed haircut this week, unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of him dressed nicely for the Easter church service before he spilled juice and brunch all down his front. Oh well, we aren't lacking in pictures of Jacob, that is for sure. So finally, this week, Jacob called me Mommy. I've been waiting forever for this. He had the whole 'mama' thing down a long time ago, but he never used it to refer to me-it was just a word. Now, in person and when looking at pictures, I am Mommy! In addition to hearing my name said over and over, Jacob has also learned how to tell us when he has pooped. I know, quite an accomplishment! Of course, we don't need him to tell us, we know, but I think identifying it is the first step to potty-training. Many months away from potty training, but a first step, nonetheless. I finally got a few pictures of him at YMCA class, too. I’m not sure I should call it a class, but rather playtime. He doesn’t sit to listen or do what the teacher says – oh well. Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.

19 months - week 4 - To the rodeo

It felt like such a short week this week - perhaps because I was so tardy in sending out last week's pictures. I'm back on track, at least for this week. Although Jacob continues to grow and change before our eyes, I'm not sure what more to say about his growth this week. More understanding, talking, defiance, whining, running, jumping, and just plain doing his own thing. Oh yes, and being loud. I'm not sure if it is a toddler trait or a boy thing, but Jacob likes to be loud. Maybe because he knows it drives me crazy. The rodeo is in town so we made a trip to see the livestock show this week. Lots of animals to see and pet. Jacob made sure not one animal went unnoticed and ran to each one to make sure each got a pet. Of course, when the big sheep noticed this, they followed him around for their turn. He was not too happy to be followed around. Happy Easter! Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.

19 months - week 3 - First Easter egg hunt

So, after a great week in Orlando last week, we thought we would lay low this week to "recover." Jacob needed to get back into his routine and I just needed some rest. We did have something to do almost everyday, but it was low stress - just what we needed. Jacob went to his first YMCA gym class this week and he had a great time. He doesn't sit still for the circle gathering time, but he's not alone in that. Jacob also participated in an Easter egg hunt at the church this week - and he caught one right away at the goal of the activity. We had beautiful weather for most of the week (it was in the 80s a few days!) so we are seeing the green come out in the yard - it is nice. Jacob continues to add new words to his vocabulary everyday and continues to get faster and faster when he runs. I have to run just to keep up. We are having lots of fun these days. Go here to see the rest of this week's pictures.

19 months - week 2 - Orlando here we come

This week we were in Orlando. Jacob and I visited Magic Kingdom while Daddy worked, and we bravely rode several rides and watched some shows. Jacob seemed entranced by the rides and would clap and say "Yea" after each one. Later in the week, Daddy joined us at Animal Kingdom and an Astros Spring Training game. Ever since the game, Jacob now mimicks the pitcher, throwing his arm and calling out "throw!" The other days we shopped, played in the hotel, and enjoyed the hotel pool. Jacob loves the water and still remembers his skills, kicking, bubbles, etc. He jumped to us and went underwater many times, just happy to be in the water. Jacob's not the best behaved flyer (though thankfully, only one leg was tough), but it is nice to get away and experience some new things. Yesterday, when we got home, Jacob, as usual, was happy to be home and see his toys, room, bed, etc. Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.

19 months - week 1 - Laying low

It was a pretty good week for Jacob, despite another cold (and subsequent infection) moving in. Jacob went to a little gym for open play and then again for a birthday party this week and he had a great time. He loves to have free reign to roam and run. He showed amazing balance walking on the balance beam, not needing any assistance from Mom. We stayed home much of the week so Jacob could get better and avoid spreading his germs. Thankfully, we had some beautiful weather so he didn't mind staying home as long as he got time outside. We continue to be amazed by Jacob's growth. He repeats so many words and even has begun to speak in 2-3 word sentences sometimes. The doctor was amazed when he said "I throw socks" after tossing his socks to the floor during his exam. He's now up to 28lbs. We are off to Orlando tomorrow for the week. Disney and Astros camp are waiting. Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.

18 months - week 5 - And the baby is a...

As you will see, there were many fewer pictures this week. I'm still getting used to having just the big camera around. Toting it out and about is much harder. Jacob turned 19 months yesterday. For some reason, that sounds much older than 18 months. Who knows. As Jacob creeps closer to 2 years old, I have begun to see some of what is to come in the terrible twos. Temper tantrums for no apparant reason, crying, excessive whining, and defiance have been creeping into our everyday routine. Don't get me wrong, this age is as cute as it can be in so many ways, and I am so thankful for that, because it sure makes those hard times easier to bear. Jacob, Daddy, and Mommy had a big day today as we had our big ultrasound to find out how our new little one is doing. And much to our delight, we found out Jacob will be having a little brother in 4 1/2 months. Due date: July 14. Go here to see the rest of this week's pictures.

18 months - week 4 - Cruisin'

Well, we are back from the cruise, and finally put together enough to get these pictures uploaded and ready to share. The cruise was fabulous, and except for dinnertime and the plane flights, Jacob did very well. For some reason, the dining room turned him very fussy. After being a bit tentative at the first beach, he settled in and really enjoyed the sand and the water. We had 4 stops on our trip, and unfortunately, I have pictures from just the last 3. I lost my small camera in Jamaica, losing pictures from the first 3 days of our trip. So, I hope to get some pictures from Papa and Uncle Jeff to share with you in the coming weeks. Luckily, I didn't have too many "priceless" pictures, but it was still sad to lose them. In the 8 days we were with Mia and Papa, it seemed that Jacob really took to them, which was wonderful for us. He also grew his vocabulary exponentially. More pictures from the cruise will be posted on next week's pictures. Go here to see the rest of this week's pictures.

18 months - week 3 - And we're off...

And we're off! Finally, the time for us to leave on our cruise is here. It seemed so far away for so long, and then suddenly, this week, it snuck up on us. Luckily, we are packed and ready to go. We are really excited. And curious to see what Jacob will think and how he will behave. I'm sure we'll have some fun pictures to share when we return. We laid low this week to limit exposure to all the sick people that seem to be popping up everywhere. Since Jacob seems to pick up every illness that seems to be floating around, we didn't want to take any chances before leaving on our trip. Luckily, the weather was nice this week so as long as he got some time outside, he was ok. More words and little 2-3 word sentences are being used by Jacob these days - now if only those words and phrases were used when he wants something, instead of whining for it. In time, I suppose. Go here to see the rest of the week's pictures.

18 months - week 2 - Sick Haeberle household

After a rough start to the week with the entire Haeberle household suffering from illness (Jacob had a cold and minor ear infection, Daddy had strep throat, and Mommy had the stomach flu), we ended the week all feeling better and happy to get back to normal. Our new cousin Leah's baptism occurred last weekend, so with great-grandma in town, we had a busy weekend visiting. We got some great pictures of the 4 cousins. Though Jacob didn't actually sit still long enough to watch most of the baptism, he did watch intently as holy water was poured over Leah's head. Our transistion to one nap a day is going better. We've figured out the best time to put him down, so as long as we follow the schedule, it's fine. Jacob's vocabulary is rapidly expanding with new words and 'phrases' popping up all the time. Go here to see the rest of the week's pictures.

18 months - week 1 - Milestones

So, these pictures are about 10 days old, long before the Haeberle household got sick this past week..but that is a story for next week. Anyways...Jacob turned 18 months old this week and is well on his way to becoming a little boy. I still see my little baby in him, but there is so much "boy" as well. He loves to run, play with cars, jump in puddles, say "no", throw his toys, and do all sorts of other "little boy" things. It is wonderful. Jacob had his 18 month checkup this week and his stats show the growth I've been seeing. Weight is 26.4lbs (58%), height is 32.5 in (52%), and head is 49.5cm (95%). After being in the 20-30% for awhile, it is nice to see a big growth spurt. Jacob also got a much needed haircut this week. I'm amazed how much they can cut off that little boy's head each time. Now Mommy needs one. Lots of fun pictures to come next week. Go here to see the rest of the week's pictures.

17 months - week 4 - Napping Woes

So, the new year 'resolution' to get these pictures out on time, didn't last very long. Only 2 days late this time. So after a couple of weeks of listening to Jacob awake until well after 9pm everynight, I decided to once again, try to move him to 1 nap a day. So we've been doing that for the past 10 days. I wish I could say all was going great with that, but honestly, I can't. In fact, I really wish I could go back to 2 naps, but I really think he is ready to take just one break in the day. We haven't quite figured out the right timing yet and his naps are often way too short (for him and for me!) I guess I was spoiled that he was taking 2 good naps (1 1/2 hrs + each time) everyday. I expect things will figure out eventually. It was cold in Houston this week, so we stayed inside more...even Jacob was ok with that. Warm weather is coming back this week. Yea! Go here to see the rest of the week's pictures.

17 months - week 3 - Getting back to normal

We had a little more activity this week as we got back into the swing of "normal" routine. Well, as normal of a routine you can have with a 1 1/2 year old. Mommy finally made it back to the gym this week, and Jacob seemed very happy to go back. Not a single tear was shed when he was dropped off. I guess he is 'maturing.' Bible study also started again, so yet another place for Jacob to play with friends. We also got to visit with some new friends this week as Mommy visited with college friends. We also attended a kindermusik class this week, and although Jacob seemed to enjoy parts of it, the class was a little too old for him. It has inspired me though to find some kind of regular class for him to attend. I think he'll enjoy it and it will be good for his growth as well. The new thing this week..talking in his crib for up to 2 hours before going to sleep. Who knows! Go here for the rest of the week's pictures.

17 months - week 2 - New cousin Leah is here

Happy New Year! Ok, so only a day late in getting the weekly pictures out this time. We'll see if I can get back on track in the new year. Just a few pictures this week...I'm not sure if I was just lazy with the camera, or if we really didn't do much this week. Though Jacob didn't stay up to ring in 2008, he did stay up a couple of extra hours on NYE to visit with friends at our house. He was in extra good spirits, so we didn't mind. Unfortunately, staying up late didn't mean he would sleep in later in the morning..oh no. 7am came around mighty quick when staying up past 1am. I'm getting old! Over the last 2 weeks, Jacob has begun to repeat words when prompted. It is really cute. Often times before, when asked to repeat, we would get a stare that said "yea right" before he ran off. Our new cousin Leah was born on Thursday. Jacob didn't seem too interested, just pointed her out to us. In time, I guess. Go here for the rest of the week's pictures.

17 months - week 1 - Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year! Ok, so I'm a day early, but most of you will read this on the 1st, so... Christmas was very busy for the Haeberles this year, but it was wonderful. We celebrated with the Armstrongs on the 23rd, at home with just the 3 of us on the 24th, and in WV with the Haeberles on the 25th. Although Jacob enjoyed opening gifts more than last year, he's not quite into the whole thing yet. We had to coax him to open most gifts and we ended up opening a lot for him. I'm sure next year will be different. We had a nice, relaxing stay in WV. Unfortunately, Jacob was feeling under the weather, and probably didn't enjoy it as much as David and me. He did enjoy all of the attention he got from Mia, Papa, and Uncle Jeff though. And it was great to see his great-grandparents again as well. He was a little too shy to take pictures with everyone, but we did try. Go here for the rest of the week's pictures.

16 months - week 5 - Mommy turns the big 3-0

Here they are...last week's pictures. I must be getting lazy in my old age. Jacob helped Mommy celebrate her 30th birthday this week. We also were a bit frenzied as we tried to finish up Christmas shopping, trip preparations, and present wrapping. Though Jacob hasn't shown much interest in most of the preparations, we expect him to be excited with all of the people he gets to visit with and all of the new toys. He had a taste of M&Ms this week at Mommy's birthday party and was begging for them all week long, knowing exactly where they were stored. It was pretty funny to see. We had some colder weather for a few days, but it didn't seem to phase Jacob's desire to be outside playing. I hope to have pictures from Jacob's 3 Christmas celebrations uploaded and shared in the next few days, once we return from WV. Something else we are hoping for soon...a new cousin for Jacob. Go here for the rest of the week's pictures.

16 months - week 4 - Big News

I can hardly believe Christmas is just around the corner...and no, I'm not done shopping yet...and neither is Jacob for that matter. This week seemed to go by quickly, but I'm not sure why. Except for the continued whining (I have been told that his ability to communicate better in the next couple of months as he gets to be 18 months old should help), Jacob has been wonderful lately. He is full of energy and always on the move, but still seems to be soaking up the knowledge. His verbal skills may not be impressive, but his understanding of what we are saying and his knowledge of what everything is and how things work is amazing. With all of the eating he does, he has become quite good with the spoon and fork, I'm impressed. Everyone is well in our house now, so that is a praise. Now if only we can stay that way for a few more weeks... Make sure to look at ALL of the pics. Go here for the rest of the week's pictures.

**As I found out later, many people didn't go through all of the pictures, like I suggested in my note. The picture above was the last picture in the set - and there were many people who didn't know about Baby #2 until we talked about finding out the sex of the baby a couple months later.