Sunday, June 13, 2010

Same (June 7-13)

Pics & update from June7-13
With the threat of bad weather several days this week, our schedule was pretty low key. We did manage to hit the gym everyday, Jacob went to his first gymnastics class, and we made a trip to the zoo.
Saturday was Jacob's last T-ball game for the year.
We also had lots of fun at home together. Jacob has been "into" his TAG reader system for the last couple of months and enjoys "reading" by himself. He and Luke have also found a common interest - cars, and love to "play cars" if not together, then alongside each other. No surface in the house is immune to becoming a parking lot or road for cars. Jacob also loves getting to play games with me like Candyland, Memory, Chutes & Ladders, etc. Definitely will add to his collection for his birthday.
We have hit the "same" factor in the house. What one boy has or does, the other has to have or do. I've had to catch myself before doing or giving something to one of the other knowing the other boy will be expecting the same. Fun times. This trend has also included eating arrangements. Luke has been fighting his highchair for a few weeks now, but we've kept him in it. I finally decided to give in this week and he now sits in a booster at the table like Jacob.
Just like convincing Jacob that he really didn't need Pull-Ups at night took some time, we finally convinced him this weekend that he didn't need his bed rails anymore. He had been fighting us taking them away, so we didn't push it. But after having to change his bed twice this week from accidents, I was tired of reaching over the bed rails, so we took them away. He has done great and really hasn't argued. The day we took them down though, he was a little upset and said "I don't want to be 4, I just want to be 3." I guess I have been using the "you don't need this or you shouldn't do that, or you can do this all by yourself you are almost 4" a bit too much...
With Father's Day is just a week away, I had to throw in a couple pictures of the boys with their Daddy.
Here are the rest of the pictures for the week.

Summer is here! (May 31-June 6)

Pics and Update from May 31-June6
Summer has begun and with it all sorts of fun things for the boys. Another bday party for cousin David, this time with aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
We also hit up a new splashpad this week,
Jacob had a birthday party at the bounce house place,
and the boys and I took a trip to Brenham with some friends to take a tour of the Blue Bell plant and play at the Blue Bell pool. The whole day was fun and tiring. We all took great, long naps that day!
In some ways, I'm happy for summer, and in a few ways, I'm not. I like not having a set schedule most days, enjoying new experiences with the boys, and having lots of pool time, but I don't like the crowds at the gym, stores, and everywhere it seems. It has also gotten hot very fast - mid 90s most days, so lots of water play around here.
Jacob is still swimming great and loving it.
I actually attempted to work with Luke on identifying his letters a bit this week (well, as much as he would tolerate) and I realized he no longer knows the 8-10 letters he knew just a few weeks ago (thankfully he still knows about 5 consistently.) I have been slacking with practicing with him - my fault! Jacob knew all his upper case letters by this age, and some of the lowercase ones I can't help but feel guilty for not giving Luke the same opportunities.
Here are the pictures from the week.

Lasts and Firsts (May 24-30)

Pics and update from May24-30
This was a week of lasts and firsts. Jacob's 2nd and final week of swim lessons was this week. After really figuring out the concept of breathing and swimming on his own last week, he didn't learn a whole lot new this week, just added confidence.
He also had his last day of preschool for the year. Though he had a rough start to the year with his class, he had a great final few months and was really doing great. He learned a lot and has really grown up a lot.
An ice cream party ended the year, so that helped make it less sad.
This week was also Jacob and Luke's first time fishing. Daddy took them to a friend's property with his boys to fish. They had so much fun. Too bad they didn't have a camera (here are a couple of pictures taken with the friend's camera.)
Mixed in the weekend were 2 birthday parties and a Memorial Day party. Busy boys.

We also finally convinced Jacob to give up the Pull Ups at night. He's been dry for months but he was not ready to give them up until now.
Here are the pictures from the week.