Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today was haircut day for the boys.

Jacob: Luke (aka wild man):

As the stylist was putting gel in his hair and running his fingers through it, it was all sticking straight up at one point. Luke grinned and said "hair all done" and tried to get down from the chair. We asked him if he wanted it to be spidy like that and he said yes. She then put it into a faux-hawk. He loved it. (But he looks older than his 2 1/2 yrs, so it won't be staying....I like my little guy looking 2!)


Yesterday I took the boys bowling. David and I took them once before a few months ago, so Jacob was very excited when I told him we were going. It is amazing what a difference 4-5 months can make.
Jacob attempted to bowl with his fingers in the proper holes,
though he still did a painful drop of the ball rather than roll it.
He even got a strike on one throw. He was excited he knocked them all down, but not excited that meant the end of his turn.
Luke, as is typical these days, insisted on doing it "all myself."
I was a bit nervous in the beginning that he would drop the 7lb ball on his foot (or someone else's) but he did great.
The ball didn't roll very fast, but except for one throw in the 8th frame, the ball made it to the pins every time.
Here's Luke:

And Jacob:

And one more of Jacob (with 'help' from Luke):