Monday, September 28, 2009

Pudding Anyone?

What we've been doing....

Honestly, it doesn't feel like much, but somehow we sure are keeping busy. Since this is my 'journal' on the boys and things going on, I like to make blogging somewhat of a priority, but I haven't been lately. Thankfully, I still take a lot of pictures so I can look through those to remember what went on during the week (like the 2 double birthday parties the boys attended.)
The update and pictures here are from 2 weeks ago (Sept 14-20). Jacob had his first soccer practice on Tuesday. Besides kicking the ball occasionally, he really didn't know anything about soccer going into it, so I was impressed with what he was able to pick up after only one practice. He is playing through the YMCA on an all 3-year-old team. They are quite adorable.
That week was also Jacob's first full week of school (all 2 days of it....) plus Bible Study on Wednesday. It was a tiring week for him, especially since he doesn't get a nap at school on Tues/Thurs. Thankfully, when he gets home on those days, he's happy to watch a movie or do something quiet and restful so that he isn't completely spent by dinnertime. In fact, he's fallen asleep a couple of times.
Luke continues to eat like a champ, is getting more and more strong-willed when he wants something (or doesn't want something), is talking a bit more, and is showing how much he understands when we tell him something. He follows directions pretty well (when he wants to, mind you) which is pretty amazing to me. He also has learned ways to let us know what he wants even without the proper words. I love this age! Now if only we could get past the crying before naps and bedtime issue we've been dealing with for way too long, things would be less stressful around here.
Here are the pictures from 2 weeks ago.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby hair

When it was time for Jacob to get his first haircut, I was all for it. He had hair in his eyes and it was a wild mess all the time, so cutting it just made sense. I wasn't emotional about it or anything. He did look older after getting it cut for the first time (he was 11 months old), but it was ok by me.
For some reason, with Luke, I'm having a much harder time with pulling the trigger to have his hair cut. I guess the fact that this is probably the last little baby hair we'll be seeing in this house has kept me from taking the scissors to it (or rather having the barber take scissors to it.) Plus, I think his hair may be coming in lighter than it is now...and I've become very fond of his red-orange hair.
I may have to break down and have his bangs trimmed up a bit because they are getting pretty ridiculous, but I just don't think I'm ready to cut the little curls in the back and sides.
see those bangs in his eyes....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday marked the beginning of a new phase in our house - the start of youth sports. Jacob is doing YMCA soccer this Fall and he had his first practice last night. Of course, we waited until the last minute to get his gear, so after a trip to Academy for shin guards and cleats, he was ready.
Jacob has loved kicking the soccer ball since he could walk, so I knew this was a fitting sport to start with.
Although I played soccer for many years as a child, I haven't really taught him anything regarding the sport, so it was quite amusing last night to see him try things like dribbling and passing the ball to a teammate for the first time.
Once he decides to quit picking up the ball to 'place' it where he wants it before kicking it, I think he's going to be great.
He loves it and is ready to go back and play today. First game is a week from Saturday. You can bet I'll have pictures from that event as well.

School has started and other things...

The thing called life with two adorable little boys has kept me from being as punctual with my weekly picture and update posts. Although I enjoy going through my pictures, writing about our week, and blogging, sometimes it all gets put on the back burner while the daily stuff takes precedence. Finally, I have a few moments to work on the blog and post some of last week's pictures.
We visited Galveston on Labor Day and had a nice family outing (see earlier post.) Tuesday was meet the teacher for Jacob, and school started on Thursday He is the youngest in his class by quite a bit, but I think it is going to be very good for him. (more about school here)

He is still our little 'wild' child with endless energy (which we love), but it is also nice that lately we have seen moments of calm behavior and obedience.

Luke seemed to enjoy the house to himself while J was in school. He went from room to room playing with whatever he wanted and didn't have to worry about someone tackling him, pushing him out of the way, or taking a toy from him. He was happy.

As for the separation anxiety, unfortunately, he still cries when I leave him somewhere, but it is usually short lived crying, so progress!

Here are a bunch of pictures from last week.


Since our plan for a trip to the South Texas coast for Labor Day didn't end up happening, David suggested we take a day trip to Galveston to let the boys play at the beach.
I hadn't been to the beach in Galveston in a long long fact, I can't even remember the last time. It has always been such a joke at how gross the water is and how dirty the beach is (compared to just about every other beach you can think of) so I have never really had a desire to go back. I have to say though, that I was pleasantly surprised. We went to the "family friendly" Stewart Beach. We arrived at 9am before there was a crowd and found a great spot to setup.
Jacob picked up right where he left off from our beach trip in June, wanting to jump the waves and play in the water.
Luke was a little apprhensive at first, but after an hour or so, was happy to play in the sand and water too.

We are already talking about plans to visit the beach again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of School

Last Thursday Jacob finally had his first day of preschool (I think his school took the award for latest start date....) Over the summer, everytime we would drive by the church/school he would say "church is open, but school is closed" in such a sad tone. You can imagine the excitement he had when it was time to go back.
We met his new teacher last Tuesday and saw his classroom. Last year, the 2 year olds did almost everything in their room, without venturing out much. This year, he will move between rooms for music & movement, science & discovery, and Bible classes as well as go to the community center to eat his lunch, school cafeteria style. Not only will be he learning fundamental school 'stuff',' but he'll learn some basics about transitioning between classes. His class this year does not take a nap at school, so that will take some getting used to as Jacob still takes a nap most days and rests for a couple of hours on the days he doesn't sleep.
meet the teacher day
Here are a couple of the obligatory "First Day of School" pictures:

Without the backpack

With the backpack

And here is one of Jacob hugging Luke as he gets ready to leave him for the day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a few pictures and updates

**2 weeks ago- pictures and update (8/31-9/6)

Last week was one of those weeks where we didn't have a whole lot going on, and my lack of pictures for the week shows it. Sometimes, those are the weeks I end up with a bunch of pictures because I hang out with the boys and "play" with my camera. Not this time. We don't have too many pictures because we just didn't do much besides play around the house. Plus, Jacob won't look at or smile at the camera for me much anymore, so I have to try really hard to get any of him where you can see his face.
We visited the zoo with Lisa and her kids on Monday and actually enjoyed some decent weather that day. We are waiting for some more cool, unhumid mornings like that one.
We also had our first day of Bible Study on Wednesday last week. I love Bible Study for the fellowship and learning I get from it, but even more so, I love the Children's Program they have. Jacob loves it and is learning at the same time.
Luke spent a few days "acting" like he was ready to move to 1 nap, but then just as quickly was needing a pretty early morning nap again. Not sure about that. He's also been EXTREMELY clingy lately, crying endlessly when I leave him. I'm so not used to this because Jacob has always gone to others easily.
Jacob has started using the words "my favorite" a lot lately. I always think it is so neat to see personality growth continuing. He and Luke now like to look at books together. Of course, that means all of the books have to end up on the floor.
Luke continues to show he is learning too-when he sees ABCs he says "Duh" imitating the sound of the letter D. I even think I heard him 'singing' along to the ABC tune in the car the other day. And he doesn't want to be fed anymore...he is all about feeding himself. He does pretty good with the spoon and fork, though he always makes a big mess.
Here are the few pictures from the week.