Sunday, October 17, 2010

Skills to work on

In keeping with my goal to get at least one blog entry posted each day until I get caught up, here is one from the week of Oct. 11-17

I have recently had people make comments to me on how well Luke speaks for a 2 year old. I haven't really paid much attention, but since both kids talk ALL the time, it makes sense how great Luke's speaking skills have become and what a great vocabulary Jacob has.
I helped in Jacob's class this week and he never stopped talking. It was during center time and he was just talking talking talking. I've been told it is a sign of intelligence...
Luke's soft spot still hasn't closed, but a check with a neurologist has us unworried about it for now.
This week was preschool open house which gave me a chance to see the boys' work in school and find out what we needed to work on. Jacob needs to work on printing and cutting right now.

We had a birthday dinner for Mindy at our house with the whole family-FUN!
Luke loves to copy Jacob and sometimes the reverse happens.
They also love things to be the same so we are in the "two of everything' phase here.
Here are the pictures from the week.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reading Class and ABCs

Totally out of order in my catch-up posts, but here is one from the week of Sept 27-Oct 3;
School is in full swing. This week was picture day at school. Still waiting on how they turned out. Once we get them, I will scan them and post.The weather is still warm enough for shorts/tshirts and park visits in the evening. The boys love to get outside and climb. And of course, little brother has to follow in big brother's footsteps!
I signed Jacob up for a highly recommended reading class this Fall and he had the first class this week. He had a great time and learned 3 sight words on day 1! I can't believe he's taking strides to start reading.
Since we went out of town Saturday to Saturday, Jacob missed his first 2 soccer games. He jumped right back into the swing of things though for his first soccer game and did great. Even got to play goalie for a quarter!
Jacob is doing better playing with friends lately, not getting so riled up or physical as often, remaining calm. I'm so glad to see this change. He still loves active play with friends, but fewer tears is nice.
Luke is still in the stage of playing alongside other kids most of the time, though he does actually play with Jacob (when he lets him!)
Luke now tries to sing his ABCs. He has the tune and some of the letters down, but not all. Like Jacob, his learning is backwards from most. He has been able to identify all the letters by sight for a few months now and knows about half of the letter sounds too, but can't sing the song.
Not potty training yet, but Luke shows interest in going diaperless and using the potty. It is mama who just isn't quite ready to work on the training yet!
Here are the pictures from the week.