Thursday, December 31, 2009

No-Kids Trip

Even though I haven't been blog posting, I still have been taking oodles of pictures and sending the weekly picture link out to family. I generally include a little blurb about our week, not only to let those seeing the pictures know what we have been up to, but also as a mini journal of events for me. I am trying to go back through those little paragraphs and expand a little for the blog, but since I am almost 2 months behind, we'll see how much I remember!

From Nov.2-8...
There aren't very many pictures this week because David and I weren't home with the boys to take many pictures (Mia and Papa may have some pictures to share with me from the week.) Mia and Papa arrived just before Halloween to visit and get used to the 'daily routine' before David and I left for our 'no-kids' trip. Papa had talked about taking Jacob fishing for the first time at the neighborhood pond, but after seeing the lures and being warned about the danger of little boys playing with fishing hooks, Jacob decided he wasn't quite ready for fishing.
It was my first time to leave Luke overnight (actually for any amount of time more than 6-7 hours, the length of a Texans game outing) only the 3rd time Jacob had been left overnight, and the first time in over 2 years to leave him.
We had a great trip and the boys had a lot of fun with Mia and Papa. I expected that Luke would have a harder time with us being gone, but as it turned out, Jacob was the one who was asking for us to come home. The boys are very comfortable with Mia and Papa so they behaved (or didn't) the same as they would have for me. Mia and Papa got to know the boys better and really saw the busy-ness of our lives. I really missed the boys while we were gone, but that doesn't mean I won't be ready to go on another trip again soon!
Luke continues to wake extremely 5am most days. I know it is another phase, but boy is it tough on all of us. Thankfully, he wakes up happy most of the time.
Here are the pictures from the week of Nov. 2-8

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  1. I'd love to see pictures from your trip! Kid-less sounds relaxing!