Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quick Recap

Once again, a few days late in posting last week's update and pictures, but this time I had a real excuse in that we were in Austin from Sunday until yesterday afternoon. I'm working on uploading and weeding through those pictures to post soon.

I can hardly remember what last week entailed. I do remember that we visited the doctor for Jacob, who once again has an ear infection and is wheezing, so back onto antibiotics he went. Hopefully he'll continue to heal and be back to normal for our next trip. He also had his first cleaning dentist visit (he went once before, last May when he chipped his tooth, but that was just to check on the tooth). I don't have any pictures from that, but he did fabulous and wasn't scared at all.

Luke started walking on his own desire a bit more last week and was up to 8 steps. This process seems to be moving much slower with Luke than it did with Jacob, so I'm getting to enjoy and savor this precious learning a bit more this time around.

Luke started coughing late last week as well, and so far this week it has not improved. Another trip to the pedi may be in store soon, this time for him. And tooth numer 7, lower right, broke through late Saturday.
Early in the week we visited the zoo with one of my best friends from college and her brood. I was so amazed at how she kept it all together with 5 little ones in tow. I hope we can do it again soon.
Here are the rest of the pictures from last week.

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