Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Homestretch

Today marks the 'homestretch' in the long, drawn out process of weaning Luke before our no-kids trip next month. After a couple of weeks of a single feeding a day (usually an hour or so after he woke up), today was the first day he was not nursed at all. Surprisingly, his behavior today showed no signs that something was amiss. He did make a visit or two to the glider where he always eats and stood there patting the seat and looking at me hopefully, but since I haven't given in to that ploy for a couple of months now, he wasn't phased that I didn't give in this time either. I didn't actually wake up this morning knowing today was going to be the day, it just worked out that way. I plan to nurse him every other day for the next week or two and then have our final feeding before the end of the month.

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