Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday Parties

From Nov. 23:
The weather was a little cooler last week so I broke out the footy pajamas for Luke. Both boys are fairly warm bodied, so we don't do the super warm pjs often. I do love how cute they look in them though.
The third of Luke's molar's finally cut through this week (a small corner anyways). The other two came through 2 and 3 weeks ago, respectively. Having teh teeth finally cut through helped a lot in his grumpy mood and sleep issues. He was doing some major fussing and crying before every nap and bedtime.
I finally started getting some long 3 hour naps out of him too. Not everyday, but a few days this week. He is still wavering between one nap some days and two naps most days. It is much easier to have just one long nap (preferably at the same time that Jacob naps) but I just don't think his body is quite ready for it. Jacob took 2 naps until he was 18 months old. Luke will be there before I know it.
Jacob had his Thanksgiving celebration at school on Thursday (now he is off for the week)
and we had 3 birthday celebrations during the week (one for Grandpa's birthday and 2 parties with our friends.)

Behavior issues with Jacob at school are escalating and I finally talked with the school's director to see what else we can do to work on the situation. It really hurts my heart to see my child struggling so much with his behavior at school. He is such a smart child with so much potential, I hate to see his days at school spent in the director's office or in time-out. The teacher has a new gameplan with him, so hopefully it helps. If not, I might have to look into changing schools. I know it isn't the school or the teacher's fault, but for some reason the situation he is in just doesn't seem to be working for him, and making sure he is in environment that works for him is my first priority. I'm going to give this "new gameplan" a little time to play out and we'll see.
Here are the pictures from Nov. 16-22

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  1. We have listening problems at Gymnastics. I know how it can make you feel. I hope Jacob can get in a better situation and you and the director can find a solution for him!