Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yummy-licious - one of many new words/phrases that Jacob added to his vocabulary while Mia and Papa were in town. After eating some oatmeal Mia had prepared for breakfast one morning, Jacob announced that it was "elicious." I have no idea who he learned that word from because I always say things are "yummy." Delicious sounds like such a 'grown-up' word. After saying things were "elicious" for a few days, he eventually combined the two words and now anytime he eats or drinks something he likes, he says "Mommy, its yummy-licious. " It really is quite adorable. Another word added to his vocabulary - kolache. He was introduced to them for the first time by Papa (who knew they made some without eggs), and like his Mommy, he was hooked.

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  1. Actually I'll take credit for "delicious" - I've used it with him since he began solid food (with the emphasis on de), and he only recently began echoing me.