Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hooray Luke, Hooray Jacob, Hooray Mommy

As many of you know, "Hooray" is a Jacob thing. Whenever he's happy and feeling silly, he starts saying "Hooray (fill in the blank)." Everything is fair game - cars, people, grass, tractors, Elmo, anything. So...Hooray is the word of the day.
The last 3 days, we've had "Hooray" moments. Monday, was Mommy's day. She had her final OB appointment and things went great. I'm back to my pre-preggo weight (though of course, that weight is distributed much differently than it should be) and everything looks good to return to a "normal" normal as you can get as the mother of two young boys. I'm ready to slowly get back into a workout routine. YMCA here I come.
Tuesday, was Jacob's day. Why does Jacob get a "Hooray?" Because it was a good day. We had very little whining/fussing, we only had one time-out/discipline moment (which was a miracle in itself), and he was pretty happy most of the day. For some reason, he decided not to test me. This meant he was allowed to do what he wanted (since it was all within bounds) which in turn meant I didn't have to say "no" or "stop that" and he didn't retaliate. What a great way to spend the day.
Yesterday and last night were Luke's days. From just before noon to about 8:45pm, Luke went 3 hours between feedings, something he hasn't done since we had to wake him up to feed the first week of life. Then, he didn't eat again until 1:45am! That was a 5 hour stretch without eating. Definitely "Hooray" worthy. Unfortunately, that didn't mean Mommy had a 5 hour stretch of sleep because he woke up twice in the first 1 1/2 hours (spit up once and stuffy nose once), but those situations were easily remedied and he went back to sleep. It is said that once a baby gets to 10lbs they will start sleeping longer stretches. Well, Luke is definitely over 10lbs, so maybe this is holding true. He's still a bit congested, which has caused problems for a few nights, so we'll see.

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  1. Back to pre-preggo weight already! No fair (but good for you) I could use some tips on how not to gain 60 lbs and how to lose the weight in less than a year and a half. At least it eventually does leave.

    What a cute little pair of brothers.