Monday, November 3, 2008


Though last year was Jacob's first time trick or treating, this year was really when he 'got it.' I talked about 'trick or treat' with Jacob for weeks leading up to Halloween night. So whenever I asked him what he was going to be for Halloween, he said "Trick or Treat!" He was very excited. We practiced what would transpire that night so he would be ready. And boy was he ready. He didn't know anything about treats last year (which is what we call any sweet thing around our house), so when he got any in his pumpkin, it wasn't much of a thrill. This year, however, he was ecstatic with each treat placed in his pumpkin. He had to show me the goodies at each house. After about 5 houses, he really understood about walking up to each house on the street. We would be walking down the sidewalk from one house and he'd look up at me and say "More houses, Mommy?" How could I say no to that? We ended up at about a dozen houses and he was ready to head home to see Daddy and have a treat. We kept him to only 2 lollipops and a few M&Ms for the evening, so I was pretty happy. He has enough energy without a bunch of sugar in his system, I couldn't imagine what it would be like with loads of candy. Surprisingly enough, he actually had just as much fun handing out candy when we got home as he did trick or treating. We sat out front to hand out candy. Jacob had a handful of candy in his fist just waiting. Anytime there was a lull, he would say "more kids, Mommy. Where are the kids?" Hilarious to hear him call them "the kids"....since 95% of the trick or treaters were bigger kids than him. It was a memorable evening.


  1. Adorable costumes and I can imagine Jacob running from house to house like Samuel. It was so cute.

  2. I'm pretty sure we have that same giraffe costume!