Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is coming

Though Luke started oatmeal cereal this week, we haven't seen a big improvement in his sleeping just yet. He still wants to eat 1-2 times per night, and he is still waking up several other times before and between feedings which needing to be rocked or swung back to sleep. If we could only drop those extra wake-up calls. He loves the cereal and eats a lot whenever it is offered, which for now is every night and sometimes midday, depending on our schedule. It seems to have helped his bathroom problem, which is good. He is now going every few days instead of once every 1-2 weeks. Luke is also tripodding a bit now and just yesterday I saw him digging his toes into the carpet to try to get leverage while on his tummy. He mostly just rolls and spins, but I think he realizes that there is something more to being on his tummy. He also was up on hands and knees in his crib when I went to get him today. The teething continues (lots of drooling, biting on his hands, and whining) but no teeth yet.
The house is mostly decorated for Christmas now that we have our tree(which we cut down last weekend.) We had a good time scouting out the Christmas Tree Farm until we found just the right one. I think Jacob enjoyed the open space to run around and tractor and train rides more than the actual tree picking and cutting. We also visited with Santa, and although Jacob didn't cry this year, he wasn't too thrilled with the idea of sitting on his lap, but he did it because we bribed him with a ride on the choo-choo train. Jacob is starting to understand the idea of Santa though, so that might have helped too. According to J, Santa is going to bring him "new cars and trucks." Big surprise. :)
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