Sunday, February 22, 2009

So happy together

After last week's "crazy for food week," this week was basically back to normal. Jacob continues to be a great eater most of the time (I am so impressed with the variety of food he eats and is willing to try) and Luke is back to his normal eating, which isn't much. He still would much rather just eat from mom than be bothered with baby food. I feel like I'm forcing it down most of the time. Unless you give him puffs or Cheerios - than he'll eat for hours. Go figure...a kid who likes to snack instead of eat his meals. :)

We visited with friends this week and made a visit to the Children's Museum in the Woodlands as well. We had not been in more than a year, so we decided to give it another shot. Jacob had a great time and probably would have spent the whole day there if I let him. Unfortunately, lunch and naps took priority, so after a few hours I had to drag him away. It turned out to be a beautiful day, perfect for a trip to the zoo, which was our initial plan for the day, but I'm glad we made the museum trip. Perhaps we'll make a trip to the zoo this week.

The boys have started taking their baths together the past few weeks and both seem to really be enjoying the playtime together. Jacob makes a dash to the bathroom when we say it is bathtime, and no matter what mood Luke might be in pre-bath, he always giggles and splashes and has a great time once he's in it.

Not much planned for the upcoming week (except for a cousin's wedding over the weekend) but the following week, Jacob will start a gymnastics class at the Y and Luke will be in a swim class for 1 week as well. Jacob has been asking about going swimming lately, so we will likely start making a trip at least once a week to the Y pool to let him splash around. I would love for him to really learn to swim this summer, so I may look into lessons for him too.

Here are the rest of the pictures for the week.

Jacob in 'the rack' - he loves it.


  1. Seriously could your boys be any more adorable??? Swimming is that time isn't it? What do you recommend for Bella? She has never taken any lessons.

  2. Great post Sarah, such cute pictures! Adorable boys!