Friday, May 23, 2008

21 months - week 4 - Myrtle Beach Week

I know I am incredibly late in posting about our Myrtle Beach trip, but I just didn't take the time to upload the 350+ pictures from the cameras onto the computer until a couple of days ago. Then I had to filter through them and only upload to the Kodak site the "good" ones. I got tired of it after awhile, so there are still 130+ pictures out there. Some are really cute, so if you have the time and desire to go through can go here for the rest of the week's pictures.

We all had a great time. Jacob really enjoyed the sand and water. He was a bit tentative of the waves at first, but that didn't last long. We spent hours out at the beach everyday. We were so happy to stay sunburn free the whole week too. What a relief. As Jacob's vocabulary continues to grow, he added several new ones including beach and ocean. He asked for them everyday. There was also a pool at one of the beach houses we stayed at, which Jacob did play in a few times, but we figured there were plenty of those at home, so we took advantage of the beach that was right at our fingertips instead. It was usually chilly in the mornings (that didn't stop us from going out to the beach everyday though!), but every afternoon was beautiful.

We attended a first birthday party for one of the beach cousins, Ryder, and a be-lated baby shower for Ryder and a baby shower for Baby Haeberle. It was a great week. We were so happy to get to see family, relax, and enjoy the beach. We are definitely beach people.

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