Friday, May 30, 2008

22 months - week 1 - Busy boy

This was a really fun week for Jacob as we had an outing almost everyday. We went to a local gymnastics place to play one day, swam in the pool in the backyard, swam at the neighborhood pool, went to Chuck E Cheese for the 1st time to celebrate cousin David's birthday, went to Double Dave's to celebrate with the family, and visited Kid's Town, a local indoor playhouse. Mommy was tired, but Jacob had a great week staying so busy. It was also wonderful to have Daddy home an extra day this week too.
On Monday, we also went shopping for Jacob's big boy bed, so that was fun for Jacob to climb and play on the mattresses. Although we have only tried sleeping on the new bed once, he seems to like the idea of the bed, so we'll see how the transition goes.

Mommy's swim team moved from evening to morning swim practices today, so we will start waking up early (~6:20am) for that everyday. It will take away from our fun outings most days, but instead, he will get to spend the mornings playing with his cousins, which he loves to do. Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.

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