Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our first injury

As energetic, wild, and fearless as Jacob is, I'm actually surprised that it took this long for his first "real" injury to take place. Thankfully, it is minor in the whole scheme of things, but it didn't make it any less traumatic for Jacob or me.

While playing at the swimming pool on Sunday evening, Jacob slipped and fell and chipped one of his front teeth. It was a pretty clean chip, straight across. He only cried for a few seconds after it happened, so we didn't immediately notice the broken tooth. That evening, the tooth seemed sensitive, so we were a bit worried about the damage that was caused. By Monday, though, it didn't seem to bother him at all.

This morning we visited a pediatric dentist, mostly for my own peace of mind that everything was ok. He broke off the enamel of the tooth, but it doesn't appear to have caused any root or nerve damage, which is great. Jacob is a bit young to do anything to cosmetically fix the break, so we'll have at least 6-8 months of this "broken" smile. All part of growing up, right?

Even though there are many worse things in the world, I have to admit I was/am very saddened by this event. My sweet boy's beautiful smile is now a bit tainted. I know I shouldn't worry about it, but I do. Hopefully in 6-8 months we'll be able to put a filling or something on the tooth to make it look a little more "normal." Here is the picture of my little's guy's smile just minutes before falling, and the resulting "new" smile.


  1. Wow, Sarah, that would have really been traumatic for me as well. I'm glad he's OK and there was no damage done. Samuel chipped a tooth before a year. I think I'm the only one who notices.

  2. Poor Jacob and poor mom :-( I would feel the exact same way if that happened to Bella. Hang in there !! He still looks 1000% ADORABLE !!!

  3. Add my child to the list of tooth chippers. At least they are their baby teeth!