Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Almost Famous

OK, so not really famous, but it is something kinda neat. A picture I took of David and Jacob is now hanging above the photo counter at the Walgreens near my house. I had some prints made there last week and when I went in to pick them up, the photo technician pointed above her head at one of my pictures which she had made into a fake magazine cover. She said "I was hoping I would be here when you came in so I could ask if it was ok if I hung your picture up here. I just loved the picture and wanted to use it." Of course, I had to say yes. Now everyone can see my adorable boys. This is the "famous" picture.


  1. That's INCREDIBLE !!! of course you do have two very handsome men in your life. Which Walgreens??

  2. Cool! That would be a great fathers day pic.