Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just me and the boys

Daddy was out of town last week, so it was just me and the boys. We had a playdate with a new friend, school, bible study, Luke's 3 month pictures , tile/grout cleaning, and lots of errands to run, so we stayed busy. On Saturday, with Daddy home, we went to a local free festival where Jacob got to see and climb on a firetruck, do a Halloween craft, play games (which he wasn't too interested in), and eat. It was a nice day and a nice outing. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that Jacob didn't seem interested in the games or activities being offered at the festival. He is usually not one to shy away or stick like glue to David or me when we are out and about, so I was surprised to see him act this way for the second weekend in a row while at a game-oriented activity. (Dave and Busters last weekend) I'm not sure if it is a phase or he was just tired.

Luke appears to be in the early stages of teething as he is drooling and chewing on his fingers a lot. With Jacob, this stage took awhile (~2mo) before teeth appeared. He continues to be irregular (not going), but so far, no pain, so no problem yet. He's 'talking' more and kicking his feet all the time. He's not grabbing for things or reaching for his toes yet, but I expect that to come soon.

Jacob is over his cold and bounding with energy again. With a few exceptions, naptime and bedtime are struggles. He just doesn't want to sleep, but he really really needs it. When he ends up not napping (instead spending a couple of hours playing in his room), he is quite grumpy by ~5pm. He has been waking up at about 6-6:15am most mornings too. He is just not into sleep these days. We are also struggling with listening and following directions. He behaves for others (or so I am told), so that is good, but our patience is being tested for sure. We haven't figured out what punishment seems to help get the point across, so we are just spinning our wheels at this point. Once again, I know it is a typical 2 year old phase, but that doesn't make it easier. I just try to remind myself everyday how special and precious these times are and how fast the time will go and tell myself to just let it go, but it is hard. I still need to teach him the right way to act so he'll grow up to be a "fine, upstanding young man," so I can't completely let it go....but, you get the idea. Like every mom, I'll figure it out as I go along.

Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.


  1. Yes, no doubt you'll figure out what works and he WILL grow up to be a perfect gentleman!

  2. I'm a couple days into a week alone with my kids. It's kinda fun isn't it? Of course I'm at the beginning of the week so that's easy to say! Your boys look like they would be fun and not too much trouble too.