Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have decided that I am going to continue nursing Luke and just try to make changes to his solids diet to get him the nutrition he might be lacking. I have been more diligent in nursing every 3 hours (or more often) and then once during the night over the past week. I am also making sure he eats 3 hearty solids meals and at least 2 snacks.
We haven't been giving him oatmeal cereal as much lately since we were moving on to more table food, but I am bringing it back into at least one meal or snack a day. I have frozen milk and formula to mix with it, so that should give him at least one extra serving a day. I also plan on putting my milk in a cup and serving it to him often. Even if he gets only a few sips, it should help. If anyone else has other suggestions for getting formula or milk into his diet, please let me know (like, is mixing powder in with a more liquid puree ok?)

Jacob went through this same growth pattern and it wasn't a concern for him, so I'm not quite sure why such a drastic change is required. In my heart, I really don't feel that he is being deprived of what he needs and he'll be just fine.

While we were in WV, Luke ate A LOT. I guess when you are around the house most of the day, you can take the time to make sure he is really full at each meal. We saw the effects of eating a lot by him sleeping until at least 5am without waking each night (and of course, in his diaper output...) I was thrilled with the sleeping. I hope we can keep it up. I am also trying to be a bit more diligent in having him eat what we are eating, at least at breakfast and dinner, to get him used to it. A friend told me that kids should be eating what the family eats by 1 year old. We still have to fill in the gaps with baby food and other soft foods to make sure he gets enough, but he is doing well so far, and seems to like what he is given. Last night was spaghetti and tonight, pizza (and peas and carrots...)


  1. I wouldn't mix the formula powder unless it's with water...heard not to mix it with the already prepared formula because it messes with the recommended amounts....what about pediasure? Our doctor had recommended it to us to add more vitamins and calories to J;s diet. Not sure if he's too young for it or not, but if he's drinking milk, I don't see why not. It's a little pricey, but I would stretch it by only pouring half of the pediasure and then filling the rest of it with milk.

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  3. He's not on milk yet, just mama's milk. :) I won't start cow's milk for another 2 months or so. She's not worried about calories and vitamins from regular table food (since he's a big eater and eats everything-he's just so active he's burning it all off) she just thinks he's not getting enough breastmilk from me and that is what his body is really "craving" and wanting which is why he never seems fulfilled (kinda like people who are dehydrated feel hungry when in reality it is really they are thirsty....)

    Thanks for the info on mixing formula powder though... :)