Thursday, April 23, 2009

Huntington, West Virginia

The highlight of last week was our trip to Huntington to visit Mia and Papa. It was Luke's first plane flight, and despite his constant need to move move move, he did pretty well. Jacob, the seasoned traveler, did pretty good too.
We didn't have anything "planned" for our trip except visiting and resting, both of which we did. Both boys settled into their new surroundings quickly and seemed right at home. We went on many walks with both boys and Jacob visited various places around town.

Luke got to meet Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather Haeberle for the first time as well as Uncle Jeff and his fiancee, Amy. Amy and Jeff were there for a few days of our visit, which was nice.

I also was happy to get a 'Haeberle men' picture:

My only complaint, the trip was too short. I would love to go visit again this year, but with the beach week in June and Jeff and Amy's wedding in August, we probably won't make it.

Here are the rest of the week's pictures.

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  1. Fun new look to your blog Sarah! Sounds likes a successful trip with the kids! Each one probably gets easier.