Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter! (Really Late, I know)

Happy Easter!

Really really late....here are the pics from last week (not this past week, the one before.)
Last week's theme was parties. The boys had 5 in a span of 5 days. 3 birthday parties (I only have pics from 1) and 2 Easter celebrations. Not including the one J had at school. What a fun week. It was no wonder both boys had trouble falling asleep Sunday and Monday nights...they were wired from all the friends and fun.
Jacob made another big step forward in his potty training last week in that he will now tell me he has to go potty when we are away from home instead of just going in his pullup. So far, he's picked 2 really difficult times to need to go, but hey, whatever it takes.
Luke started standing on his own this week and is quite good at it already. Today, he took one tentative step before falling into me. He is so proud of himself and loves to practice all day.

Here are the pictures from the week.

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