Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain and heat

Last week started out with a bang with all the rain and flooding in our area. Our yard flash flooded as it rained, but quickly drained once the rain stopped. The neighborhood golf course took on most of the water and was flooded for several days. Jacob loved making daily trips to "see the water."
Bible Study is winding down for the year so last week the kids had their spring program. Jacob refused to sing or do any of the motions, but he happily stayed up on stage and watched everyone else.

It is starting to warm up here, so shorts and tanks are being pulled out for everyone. I know how hot it will be getting soon, so we are playing outside as much as we can while it is only in the 80s. For some reason our neighborhood pool isn't open yet, so we'll be playing in our blow up pool instead to beat the heat.
The boys are healthy (no swine flu here...) and active and are keeping mommy busy and helping her shed some unwanted pounds.

Here are more pictures from the week.

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  1. That picture of him in the play smiling in his white shirt is priceless...only now, not then. :)