Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zoo Day

We made it to the zoo today, just as we planned. I wasn't going to let much of anything stop us, so it really was no surprise that we made the trip.
We got there just after it opened, and I'm glad we did....for more than one reason. The biggest reason, buses upon buses of school children. Unlike other zoo-goers, kids on field trips arrive early and leave around lunchtime, making the morning hours more crowded than usual. And since school will be out soon, it seems every school is using the month of May to fit in those field trips.
Thankfully, parking wasn't a problem and we got inside just ahead of a big crowd of kids. We made a beeline to the "main" attractions before it got too crowded and just meandered around the other exhibits later. Of course, our visits are only about 2 hours, so later is relative.
This trip, we decided to take the Herman Park Train. Jacob loved it - as did I.

After a stop for Chic-Fil-A for lunch on the way home, we made it home by naptime. A great day!


  1. Getting out in the morning and home for lunch is a perfect day, I agree. If only mine took naps though! At least I still have one napper. Good for you getting to the zoo. I still needs lots of motivation to get out the door alone w/ the 3 to do something like that. Wish you lived closer! We'd meet you.

  2. We love 2 hour zoo trips! Why don't we meet there sometime this summer? We went there for Andy's kindergarten field trip and I learned I will never ever send my kids there on a field trip and not go myself. Field trip day is totally crazy and I feel your pain being there in the middle of it.