Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pictures from Last Week

So, I sent out the pictures a couple of days ago, but never got around to updating the blog. I had the intention of expanding on the blurb I included with the pictures, which is why I didn't post. Well, now it is Friday afternoon, and I still haven't done it, so I figured I would just post what I had....I can always make more posts, right?

We were pretty busy last week. We had a playdate, Mother's Tea at J's school, went to the downtown park, celebrated Mother's Day with the family, and of course, played in the pool. With activities winding down for the summer, we are having to come up with our own fun things to do. Honestly, I'll be glad to have a few months without having too much scheduled.
Jacob is doing great with potty training. I was dreading it, but now that we are just about there, I think it wasn't too bad. Getting rid of the pappy has been a process.. He only uses it at naptime now, so we are making progress.
Luke started clapping this week and says "yay" when doing it. He will stand unassisted a lot, (1 min straight yesterday), but no steps yet. He no longer eats much baby food and loves to eat anything he can feed himself.
A little progress with the bottle too, about 1oz with each meal/snack.
Go here for the rest of the pictures.

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