Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beach Bums

We arrived at the beach house around 6pm on Saturday. After a quick pizza dinner, everyone put on their suits and made our first trip to the beach. This was Luke's first experience with the beach/ocean, and it has been over a year since Jacob has been, so both were a bit tentative, even scared, on that first day.
But thankfully, by day 2, both were over the fear and absolutely loved the water. Jacob wanted nearby to hold his hand or occasionally pick him up, but he loved jumping the waves and running through the water. He enjoyed playing in the sand too.
Luke wanted to join in the fun too. He would take off crawling towards the ocean and wouldn't stop. He went right into the water and the lapping (and sometimes crashing) waves. He would get knocked over or splashed in the face, but would get right back up and do it again. He played in the sand a bit and was quickly covered from head to toe with sand.
I have a couple of little beach bums.
Here are a LOT of pictures of the boys at the beach. I started to weed through them and just leave the best ones, but I got so tired of going through them, so there are a lot.

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  1. What a beautiful beach! We are enjoying the beach for a few weeks. What a grea place for the kids! Love your pictures. I hope you got some r&r.