Monday, July 6, 2009

Lukey Likes It

Last Monday I introduced whole milk to Luke for the first time. And to my surprise, he actually seems to like it. Day 1, he chugged it. Each day since, he has continued to drink it, but in much more modest amounts. It took over a month for Jacob to finally take to whole milk after I introduced it to him, so I was expecting the same thing with Luke. Of course, there are some major differences in their drinking habits already. Jacob drinks A LOT, and has since he learned the sippee cup at 6 months old. So when I put whole milk in there instead of water, juice, or mama's milk, he was not pleased because it wasn't what he expected. He also took mama's milk in a bottle too.. Luke isn't much of a drinker in general, so he's not really accustomed to what 'should' be in it and he never would take the bottle and only rarely would take a few sips of mama's milk from the sippee.

Of course, weaning is going to be a whole other challenge that will likely take awhile.

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