Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike Hits

As I'm sure most of you reading this know, Hurricane Ike hit us early Saturday morning. And with the hit, he took our power. Nearly 3 days later, we got it back. Being without our conveniences was no fun, but nothing in comparison to what so many others are dealing with - including 1.5 million still without power. Thank the Lord, everyone is safe and we had no damage to the house. On Friday night/Saturday morning we did experience some scary wind and rain. Thankfully, the boys slept through most of it. We put Jacob's mattress on the floor of Luke's room and Luke was back in the bassinet in the guest room with us next door to the nursery. Each of those rooms have just one window facing our neighbor's house with a fence just a few feet away, so we figured they would be safest. Plus, the bathroom was right across the hall should a tornado come, we had a place to run to. Thankfully, we didn't need it.
I wish I had taken a few more pictures in our 'hunker down' stage and post-hurricane, but I didn't. I did take several from our time cooped in the house, which is where we have been since Thursday afternoon. Jacob didn't understand all that was going on, which is probably better. He was going stir crazy though. We took a lot of walks and spent all of Monday outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Thank you God for beautiful weather to help all those people without power survive September in Houston without A/C.

Jacob has already fallen in love with school and is missing it this week. He asks about it everyday. I'm not sure all that he is learning at school, but I can already see an improvement in his counting skills. He's also showing he has a great memory-which is both good and bad :)

Luke is doing great, sleeping long stretches most nights and happy most days. We've had a few nights over the past 10 days where he has gotten up twice to eat, but it isn't the norm, so it is ok. Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.

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  1. Happy you all survived Ike w/o major damage. Everytime I read about Jacob I wish we could get him and Samuel together to play. What a site.