Monday, September 1, 2008

Jacob was a busy boy

Jacob had a busy, fun week. He went to a Texans game with Daddy, painted ceramics, went to a birthday party, went to the pool, played with Daddy's cousin Heather, got a haircut, and spent lots of time with Daddy. Daddy took off from work a couple of days and that thrilled Jacob. He is in a "only Daddy' phase right now, which can be tough on David, but is sweet as well. School orientation is tomorrow, Bible Study starts Wed. and school starts Thursday. Jacob will have a great week.
After Luke sleeping wonderfully for more than a week, we had a setback in our sleeping the past several days. We are trying to break him of the need to be swaddled to sleep and it has not been easy. I didn't want to wait too long (like we did with Jacob), but I feel like we already did as he had gotten quite used to it. Hopefully he'll figure it out soon and get back to long sleep stretches. Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.


  1. Hey Sarah - I have enjoyed reading your blog and we are so in the same ballgame with the kiddos - I'll read what your going through and think Yep that's what is happening at our house as well!!! I wish I knew your trick to get Luke to sleep long stretches at night - Caroline sleeps about 5-6 hrs when she first goes to bed but then it is back to every 3 or 4 (sometimes 2) hrs after that!!! We need to try and get the kids together sometime. My Luke started school today so maybe a Monday/Wed/Fri.

    Take care,

    Julie Srubar

  2. I love the pics!! The ones of Luke smiling are precious !!!