Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby hair

When it was time for Jacob to get his first haircut, I was all for it. He had hair in his eyes and it was a wild mess all the time, so cutting it just made sense. I wasn't emotional about it or anything. He did look older after getting it cut for the first time (he was 11 months old), but it was ok by me.
For some reason, with Luke, I'm having a much harder time with pulling the trigger to have his hair cut. I guess the fact that this is probably the last little baby hair we'll be seeing in this house has kept me from taking the scissors to it (or rather having the barber take scissors to it.) Plus, I think his hair may be coming in lighter than it is now...and I've become very fond of his red-orange hair.
I may have to break down and have his bangs trimmed up a bit because they are getting pretty ridiculous, but I just don't think I'm ready to cut the little curls in the back and sides.
see those bangs in his eyes....


  1. They do look older after that first haircut - so I would keep the baby look as long as possible. Plus Luke does have great hair.

  2. I agree let those curls go long!! So cute! Have you seem Caroline's crazy hair?