Friday, January 30, 2009

Bring it On

OK, actually, I'd rather not have anything else "brought on." This has been one tough week. Actually, it has been a tough month.

So, as feared, Luke's RSV test came back positive. After reading up on it a bit, I feel more informed on the virus and not quite as worried about Luke. Yes, he will likely be coughing for 3-4 weeks and yes, he is contagious while he is coughing, so yes, we will be in semi-quarantine until his symptoms subside, BUT, it isn't life-threatening to him, so that is good. It does leave the door open for secondary infection to set in since his immune system is compromised with the virus plus he has a bunch of crud sitting around in his ears/sinuses/chest festering. After he seemed to take a turn for the worse on Wednesday afternoon/evening, I took him back to the doctor yesterday to be checked out again. He had an ear infection in both ears. He's now on his first antibiotic, and wow, what a turn around. He's still coughing and not eating much, but he's sleeping better, has a lot less snot, and is in a MUCH better mood.

Meanwhile, when I picked up Jacob from school yesterday afternoon his teacher said he began coughing midday and it just got worse and worse. He came home and fell asleep on the easy chair almost immediately. He slept in until 7:45am (really late for him!) and was crabby and fussy all morning. He asked to take a nap at 10:00am. I took his temp and it was on the rise. So, off to the doctor we went for the 3rd time in 4 days. Turns out, Jacob has an upper respiratory infection (hence the coughing and wheezing) and strep throat. So, now he is also on breathing treatments and an antibiotic. I hope his turnaround will be just like Luke's and he'll be himself again soon.

Don't you all wish you could have been in my place this week? :)


  1. Sarah, what a terrible and stressful week it must have been for you. I absolutely hate when the kids are sick, I feel so helpless. I'm so glad to hear that w/ medicine they will most likely improve quickly. Get some rest this weekend.

  2. wow...I hope everybody starts improving soon! Poor babies! Hope you and David are getting a little rest.

  3. Oh my goodness - You have had a VERY trying week.... I hope the boys are already feeling better - Luke has missed his friends and can't wait to play when everyone is better. Oh and I can't believe your Luke is already standing in his crib - go Luke!!!! Looks like you are probably going to have another early walker.

    Hope you got some rest this weekend.