Saturday, January 10, 2009

I did it to myself...

Well, in trying to be consistent with the whole CIO thing so that Luke will indeed go 10-12 hours as the doctor said he should be doing, I have made my life a little bit harder, at least for the past couple of mornings. Friday morning, Luke woke at 5am. This was 9 1/2 hours without waking. I was pretty impressed and happy with that, but wanted to see if I could let him cry and see if he would go back to sleep and reach the 10hr+ mark. Big mistake. At about 5:10, I heard Jacob awake and at 5:45am, Luke was still crying. Wonderful. I waited until Luke was down to a whimper and went to feed him. I didn't want to go while he was full out crying, as he would think he 'won.' Of course, going in at all, probably defeated it anyways. Oh well. He did go back to sleep until about 6:45am, but no such luck with Jacob. He was up. And boy did I pay for it. He was quite the grouch all morning until after he took a good long nap in the afternoon.
So, did I learn my lesson for this morning? Obviously not. Luke woke at 4:30am (this time only 8 1/2 hours as he went to bed later). I let him cry it out for about 15 minutes when I heard stirring in J's room. I quickly went in and fed Luke. He was still screaming. So, I definitely messed up there, but I just didn't think I could handle another tough morning. He ate and slept until almost 8am. Luckily, J didn't wake up then, but it must have been enough to break him from his full sleep because he was in his room making all sorts of noise by 6am. Joy. He was being pretty good until about 11am when he obviously was getting tired.
Oh well, I'll survive. At least they both took good long naps today. In fact, I hear them both now.

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