Monday, January 5, 2009

Mia and Papa's Visit

We had a wonderful week with Mia and Papa. The boys enjoyed the extra attention, fun, and snuggles and we all enjoyed their company. Even though the boys weren't always at their best (both boys were struggling with a bit of a cold while Mia and Papa were here) I think Mia and Papa enjoyed every minute. Jacob showed off his extensive vocabulary, love for cars, and his overall exuberance for life. Luke was his usual smiley self and no doubt captured their hearts just like Jacob has. We were all sad to see them leave this morning and can't wait for the next visit. Jacob talked about them a lot today.
In other news, Luke came much closer to mastering the art of sitting up this week and is very close to crawling. I thought he might do it during Mia and Papa's visit, but he didn't make it before they left. He gets around and where he wants to be, but no 'formal' crawl yet. We also introduced a few more foods lately and he seems to like them all-carrots, prunes, and pears. He's quite the eater and is weighing in at 17lbs. We go to the doctor on Thursday for his 6 mo checkup. I'm interested to see his stats.
Even with all of the extra solid food eating (twice a day now), he is still waking at night to eat. :( I guess I'll have to instill some tough love to get him through it. I struggle with letting him cry too much though because he will wake up Jacob if he gets too loud, and then I'll have two kids to deal with. A few nights ago, he ate a full jar of baby food just 30 minutes before bedtime and he slept from 7:30pm to 4am, so maybe he just needs more food before bed. We'll have to experiment.

School starts up again for Jacob tomorrow, so we'll start to get back into our regular routine. Luke will enjoy the extra one-on-one Mommy time and Jacob will enjoy getting to see his teachers and friends at school.

Go here for the rest of this week's pictures.

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  1. We have the same table and chair set from Costco, isn't it great! Sounds like a nice end to your holiday w/ the grandparents in town.