Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If it isn't one thing, it's another

We had some more unseasonably warm weather in Houston last week, and we took full advantage of it. We played outside during a playdate at a friend's house and also one at our house with a trip to the playground a couple of days in between.

Jacob's school had a petting zoo and siblings were invited to attend. So Luke and I went to ride the train and the horses with Jacob. I was surprised J actually rode on the horse and enjoyed it. He rode the train at least twice too. He still had little interest in the actual petting zoo part, but that was no surprise to me. He told his teacher "I don't want them to bite me." I'm not sure why he has this fear as he's never had an incident with any type of animal.
Luke has picked up speed in his crawling skills and now pulls up often too, especially when he thinks there is something he is missing out on and needs a better view. He also cut his first tooth last Saturday. Growing up fast!

Jacob had success this week in that he pooped in the potty for the first time. We haven't put much effort into potty training (ok, no tried and true effort to speak of), so I was surprised when he actually did it over the weekend. No success since though.
Luke and I now have "the crud" and though I think I'm on the mend, his seems to have gotten the best of him and has settled in his chest. The doctor thinks it is viral so no antibiotics can help him heal. Poor guy is miserable I really wish there was something we could do to help him heal faster. We will start breathing treatments today and go back to the doctor for a recheck on Friday. If he hasn't improved, it'll be off to the hospital for chest x-rays to check for pneumonia. 2 years ago to the week J was diagnosed with acute pneumonia, so I'm hoping for a better outcome with Luke. The other possiblity is RSV, which would almost be worse. We'll find out about that in a couple of days. I'll keep you posted.
Here are the rest of the pictures for the week.

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  1. You sure have your hands full with your two boys!!! I wish Samuel had a brother -- oh well, he'll have to settle for sisters and a daddy!