Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sleep - Part II

**This was another post that I started back in mid-November, but never wrote past the first few sentences. I don't remember all that I was going to write (except that good sleep still wasn't happening in my house at the time) so I decided not to finish it. I'm posting mostly because I think the picture is cute. :) We quit swaddling him a few weeks after this picture was taken.

I just had to post a follow-up to my sleep post of a month ago. The same night I posted about Luke not regressing in his sleep patterns, things changed drastically for the worse, and have not improved. So good sleep is still not happening in our house, this time because of the other child. Luke went from 7-8 hours of sleep at night before waking (sometimes 9-10hrs) to an average of 4-5 hours before waking ready to eat. It has been a month and things are still bad.

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