Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last week

Well, despite another bout of illness in our house, we still managed to have a pretty good week. Jacob enjoyed his first gymnastics class on Monday, was well enough to attend school both days, and we made a trip to the zoo with Daddy on Sunday. We were supposed to visit the livestock show with our playgroup but because Jacob was not feeling 100%, we put it off. We hope to make a visit there tomorrow.

After a rough Tuesday evening/night and Wednesday, Jacob bounced back from his ear infections very quickly. He is still on antibiotics, but is otherwise showing no signs of painful ears, thank goodness. Luke has a runny nose and cough and except for a few hours of a 102 temp on Sunday, is doing ok.

The weather was extremely warm towards the end of the week - so Jacob got to play in the sprinkler out back (see post below). Luke cut a top tooth on Saturday too and loves to grind it on his lower ones. That noise absolutely drives me insane!

Here are the rest of this week's pictures (there are a lot)

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  1. Look at Jacob in his Hawaiian clothes, I miss the warmth! I'm getting way too used to jeans every single day!