Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oops - a late post

So, I generally try to get my pictures out to the extended family on Mondays. Some weeks, that stretches to Tuesdays. Usually, the same day, I then take the little blurb that I include with the pictures and post it along with a few pictures and a bit more content. I sent the pictures on Tuesday morning. So why is it Thursday evening and I haven't posted yet? Yikes.

Because of Luke's hives early in the week, we stayed close to home last week since he was irritable and frankly, looked like he'd been in a fight and lost. Thankfully, except for the occasional flare up, he is finally over them.
On Saturday, we drove to Brenham to visit a friend's family farm. Jacob had so much fun taking a hay ride, playing on the tractor, running around with his friends, and doing his first egg hunt of the year.

On our way out to Brenham, we stopped to take pictures in the bluebonnets. Because of the unseasonably cold weather, it was a quick stop. The boys were just not happy in 45 degrees and 30mph wind gusts. I could hardly blame them. We did get a few good pictures. The boys and I made a trip yesterday to take more, so next week's pics (and a future post) will have some great ones.

In "growth" news, it seems both boys have been going through growth spurts. They have both been eating a ton lately and I have had to put away some clothes they have outgrown. Luke will be 9 months old next week. His checkup appointment is the following week, so we'll see where he stands "officially" on the charts. He was up to 18lb 9oz at his last doctor visit.

Potty training is going well with Jacob. He has had several poop successes on the potty and continues to wake up dry most mornings and after naps. He is still naked at home much of the time and it seems to be working. We haven't moved to underwear yet because he seems to think of them like a diaper and doesn't go to the potty when nature calls. Our biggest obstacle, though, is getting him to go away from home. He has no interest. I'm debating buying a little potty to keep in the back of my car for when we are out, until he has a bit more confidence to go in a public toilet. We'll see.

Here are the week's pictures.


  1. Definitely put a potty in the back of the car. I did that w/ Julia and loved it! It was great for highway trips and also the park. I need to get Samuel back into potty training. He pees maybe 50% of the time on the potty and that is it. I love the bluebonnet pictures!

  2. Miles has to be nude around the house too for successful potty training. If we are going out for a short trip I just let him go commando b/c then he will tell me if he has to go or hold it. Undies almost ensure an accident.

    Good luck and if you find any secret tricks be sure to pass them on!