Thursday, March 12, 2009


** I started this post on Sunday night, when it was still in the mid-80s. We had another 'winter' cold front come through yesterday, so it is back in the 50s as I get ready to post this.

It has been a very warm week in Houston. We reached the mid-80s several days in a row and the dreaded humidity creeped back into our daily lives as well. Jacob loves to play with the water hose (even when it is really too cold to be playing in it) so we decided to pull out the Elmo sprinkler on Sunday since it was sunny and warm. With a little encouragement from Daddy, he had a great time running through the water. In just a few short weeks, the sprinkler, water hose, inflatable pool, and the neighborhood pool will likely be used on a daily basis.


  1. Jacob and my Luke are going to have a blast playing in the water together this spring/summer - we have lots of sprinklers to play in as well and a pool - the easter bunny is bringing the kids new swimsuits I can't wait! (although Luke still has some that fit - we won't tell daddy that!

  2. I can't wait for warm weather. My kids are so ready for the sprinkler! I'm ready to sit outside and watch them play!