Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Words

Ever since the last post on Jacob's words, I have been writing down a lot of things to write about ...I just haven't taken the time to do so. I am, finally.

Jacob speaks very well for a child his age, but like any child, doesn't always get the words just right. I love the vocabulary of a child. A friend said she wishes she could just "bottle it up" for later. I totally agree! So, here we go...

Sometimes he doesn't understand new words, so he says a word that is currently in his vocabulary that sounds like the new word he is learning. Despite being corrected, he continues to say it his way. Honestly, I'm ok with it because it is just so darn cute. Here are some examples:
  • he has a Matchbox car that is a Bomb Squad car - he calls it his Bomb Squid car
  • the blinds on his window are blondes
    Lightning McQueen is called Light the Queen. (I giggle with this one everytime)
  • Playdoh is called cheetoh
    *Speaking of cheetos, funny story about that. I have never bought cheetos, nothing personal against them, I just haven't. So, I was quite surprised one day when we were at the grocery store and Jacob squealed in delight when he saw a display of Cheetos and said "Cheetos!" I had no idea how he even knew what they were. So I asked him. He said "Keegan. Keegan eats Cheetos." I just laughed. Keegan is in his class at school and evidently eats them EVERY day. I, of course, had to tell Keegan's mom the story when I saw her at a birthday party a few weeks later.
Other words, Jacob simply has trouble saying and though he knows what he wants to say, it just doesn't come out right. Heck, he might even be hearing the right thing in his own ears, who's to know. Here are some examples:

  • convertibles are just vertibles (every car has a title or name in our house)
  • trailers and strollers both come out stailers
  • an ambulance is an ambalan (followed by a siren noise - always)
  • yogurt is yert
    the word pulling seriously sounds like he is saying pooing (I did a double take on this one several times)
  • the refridgerator is the fidgader
  • when he gets out of the tub and looks at his wrinkly fingers he says they are sinkaly

Jacob loves to read and when "reading" to himself I heard him mention some animals:

  • the walrus is walla
  • penguin is quenguin
  • boa constrictor is boa strister
  • caterpiller are papillars
  • a crocodile is a kickadile
  • zebra is revra
  • monkey sounds like bunkey
And finally, there are just some things that are so funny to hear coming out of a 2 year old's mouth. Here are some examples of those:
  • When you come too close to Jacob when he is either doing something he probably shouldn't be or is 'doing his business' he says "back away, back away" while waving you away with his hand. Hilarious.
  • We were playing in the den a couple of weeks ago and there was a crashing noise coming from either his room or the bathroom. Jacob looked at me and said "What was that?" I shrugged and said I didn't know. He jumped up and said "I'll go check it out" before running off
  • One day when Daddy came home from work early, Jacob grabbed him by the hands and said "Lets dance, Daddy, Let's dance"
I'm sure there are a million more, I'll share them as I think of them.

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  1. Too cute! Great idea to write all those silly words down. Samuel thinks a pig says, "oink nate", "oink nate"........