Monday, March 9, 2009


Even though Luke may be too little to play much with Jacob, I saw evidence this week that the time for them to be pals is quickly approaching. Jacob normally does not want Luke to touch his toys, especially when he is playing with them, but as seen in these pictures, Jacob will sometimes be a great big brother and share with Luke.

Luke LOVES playing with Jacob so much, that almost everyday, during the "Mommy and Luke" playtime while Jacob is still napping, Luke takes off down the hall to Jacob's room and proceeds to bang on the door and "call" out to him. So cute. I need to capture it on video the next time he does it, but until then, Here are a couple of pics:


  1. That is too cute. My favorite moments are seeing the kids enjoy their time together. I love to see Samuel try to sit like Julia or walk like Julia or just follow Julia. It's the best thing in the world to see them love one another!

  2. I just LOVE IT !! It still brings me so much joy to see Frankie and Bella playing together.